Reporting and translating the 2004 Beslan hostage disaster by Sue-Ann Harding

Dr Sue-Ann Harding is a Research Associate at the University of Manchester, with special interests in media and translation from a social narrative viewpoint. On the first afternoon of the 2012 COSEELIS Conference she gave a thought provoking presentation based on her thesis about the Beslan hostage disaster, focussing on three different viewpoints and covering the different “stories” that were created from the same events. Attached are the illustrated slides and notes from this presentation.

Dr Harding’s most recent publication on Beslan is ‘Translation and the Circulation of Competing Narratives from the Wars in Chechnya: a case study from the 2004 Beslan hostage disaster’, Meta 56(1) March 2011: 42-62. and she is currently working as part of a AHRC-funded project Mediating Post-Soviet Difference: An Analysis of Russian Television Representations of Inter-Ethnic Cohesion Issues

Beslan Reporting and Translating the 2004 Beslan Hostage Disaster
BeslanReporting and Translating the 2004 Beslan Hostage Disaster.docx

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