Committee Meeting in Birmingham: 8 December

 How to get to the Orchard Learning Resource Centre (OLRC) – from Gerald Watkins, COSEELIS Committee member

The OLRC is on the Selly Oak campus about a mile further south along the Bristol Road (A38)

SG5 on the map

New Street station 

When you get through the ticket barriers at the main entrance, go diagonally to the left and the taxi rank is to your right just after the left luggage.  If you go further along the station approach road and turn left  on to the main road, the bus stop for the 61 and 63 is the furthest along.

Moor Street station 

If you’re coming from London and use the cheaper and generally more reliable route from Marylebone (which has an interesting cheese shop) you arrive at Moor Street. It doesn’t have a taxi rank, so when you emerge from the station head for the tunnel next to Selfridges (the glittery building) and when you emerge the 61 and 63 bus stop will be on the other side of the road, along with the station approach to New Street and the taxi rank.

 If you are coming by car, then parking on the Selly Oak campus is free and ample. If for any reason you want to visit the Main campus as well  let me know so that I can get you a “hanger”; a good luck charm to hang on your rear view mirror to ward off the clamping demons.

 And why not finish your delightful day in Birmingham with a visit to the Frankfurt Christmas market?

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