Solanus 23 — appeal for articles

SOLANUS: international journal for the study of the printed and written word in Russia and East-Central Europe

The New Series of SOLANUS resumed publication in the summer of 2011 with volume 22 after a four-year gap during which the journal had been without an editor.

Volume 22 was more than double the length of its immediate predecessor and comprised scholarly discussions of a wide range of topics within its area of focus. Unfortunately few articles have been submitted for volume 23, and the Editorial Board, after considerable discussion, has reluctantly concluded that volume 23 will be the last to appear.

We have therefore extended the deadline for submission of articles and reviews to the end of December 2012, with a view to publication in the late spring of 2013, so as to offer the opportunity of contributing to this historic final issue.

If you would like to submit an article or review on any aspect of the printed or written word in Russia or East-Central Europe, please contact the Editor or Reviews Editor at the addresses below:

Ray Scrivens
247 Wimpole Road
CB23 7AE

Katya Rogatchevskaia
Reviews Editor, SOLANUS
The British Library
Slavonic & East European Collections
96 Euston Road

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