Many thanks to all the delegates of the COSEELIS 2012 conference. Our special thanks, of course, go to

– all our speakers for their interesting and stimulating presentations

– those who worked hard to make it happen – Nick Hearn, Maureen Pinder, Mary Bone and Susan Halstead

– Harris Manchester College, Oxford, for their hospitality

– Colleagues of The Ashmolean Museum and The Pasternak Trust , who gave us fantastic tours of their collection

The conference report will be posted soon.

Meanwhile, can we invite all to send their feedback and suggestions for our next conference (Cambridge, April 2013).  You can do so via email (to Mel Bach or Katya Rogatchevskaia), COSEELIS mail list or just leave you comments to this post.

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One Response to COSEELIS 2012

  1. Ivo says:

    Thank you for the conference and the invitation! Best regards, Ivo


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