Electronic publishing in Central Europe and the former Soviet Union: Call for participants

The annual COSEELIS conference will take place at Cambridge, on 8-9April this year, straight after BASEES/ICCEES conference, 5-8 April.

This year we are planning to have a round-table discussion on electronic publishing in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. E-books (see, e.g., English language articles in The Telegraph or in the Publisher’s Weekly.

Electronic publishing is growing all over the world, and it is definitely will be our future and the future of our collections. However, what impact does it have on our collection?

What is the level of electronic publishing in the countries we collect from?

Fiction, popular literature, academic works, scholarly journals – are they available digitally?

Can and should we start collecting born-digital resources already?

Is there a demand among our readers/users and how can we manage it?

Are the technical services in our libraries ready to collect digital resources?

Shall we look for free electronic resources and create collections of those for our patrons?

What are pros and cons of this approach?

What are the challenges and do we have any practicality related issues?

Do our libraries have clear policies on collecting foreign digital material, including websites?  etc., etc.

If you are interested in these questions from practical or theoretical point of view and would like to

–talk about digital publishing in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union, or

–share your experience in collecting digital resources for your collections, or

–raise further questions,

–and – consequently –  participate in this discussion at the COSEELIS conference, please email Katya.rogatchevskaia@bl.uk

I see the format of the round table as a very informal conversation, with maybe two or three short talks (no more than 10 min) followed by a free discussion based on the questions that we find the most interesting, useful and engaging. Any ideas welcome.

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