COSEELIS conference – address and directions

Devonshire Hall: address and directions

For those of you who know Leeds, Devonshire Hall is further out than the main University campus, between Hyde Park and Headingley. From Leeds Railway Station the best bus in number 1, but numbers 6, 28, 96 and 97 run from other places in the city centre to Devonshire. If any of you intend to drive, but there is ample free, unrestricted parking on Cumberland Road right beside the Hall.

The Tour de France begins in Leeds on Saturday 5th July, so there will be road closures and traffic disruption in and around Leeds on that day.  If you’re staying on until Saturday see Leeds City Council’s website for details.

Arriving at Devonshire Hall

Most of you will arrive at Devonshire on the morning of Thursday, 3rd July.  You will need to register for the conference at our desk in the Entrance Hall (where there will also be tables set out for our vendors to mount displays).  Paul Owiredu will be handling registration, as Richard Davies and Maureen Pinder will be tied up in the committee meeting while you’re arriving.  Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available in the Entrance Hall during registration.  You will also need to collect your room keys from Reception.  There isn’t another conference immediately before us, so you should be able to get straight into your rooms.  All of our delegates have been assigned rooms in the Grosvenor Building, which is actually over the road from the main part of Devonshire, but please collect your keys before going over there.

If you arrive on the evening of 2nd July, go to Reception, where a night porter will check you in and give you your keys.

Wifi internet access is available throughout Devonshire Hall.  Collect a password when you check in.

The rooms we’ll be using at Devonshire Hall

Registration and vendor displays will be in the Entrance Hall (straight across the central courtyard, with big glass windows), and tea, coffee and biscuits will be served here while you register.  There are comfortable chairs, so you can hang out there in comfort while waiting for lunch.  We will also be using this room for the drinks reception before our conference dinner.

We will have both lunches and our conference dinner in the Dining Room, immediately behind the Entrance Hall.  They are buffet lunches, and the conference dinner is waitress service.

All of our meetings (apart from the Committee Meeting) will take place in the Fenton Room – there will be signs to direct you there.

Teas,  coffees and biscuits on the afternoon of the 3rd and the morning of the 4th will be provided in the Devonshire Hallway, which is just beside the Fenton Room.

The Committee Meeting will take place in  the Brotherton Room in the Brotherton Library, on the main University Campus.  This is also where items from the Leeds Russian Archive will be displayed on Friday afternoon.

All our delegates have been assigned rooms in the Grosvenor Building, which is across Cumberland Road from the main part of the Hall.

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