Russian émigré newspapers and magazines

Librarium – is a collection of electronic versions of Russian émigré newspapers and magazines, a ‘site-archive of Russian émigré press’. It contains hundreds of rare illustrated periodicals produced during the interwar period. The central part of the site is occupied by the magazine Illiustrirovannaia Rossiia (The Illustrated Russia) which was published in Paris in 1924-1939.


Vozrozhdenie (Renaissance), a Russian language daily newspaper published founded in 1925 is available via Princeton Historic Newspaper Collection.

Digitised collections of Rul’ (The steering wheel), a daily Russian language newspapers published in Berlin (1920-1931), Vremia (The Time) and some other rare Russian language newspapers could be found at ZEFYS,  a portal for finding and using current as well as historical newspapers from Germany and all over the world provided by The Berlin State Library.

A digital archive (1919-1925) of the Russian language daily Segodnia (Today), published in Riga, can be found among the large collection of periodicals from the National Library of Latvia.

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2 Responses to Russian émigré newspapers and magazines

  1. I have a periodical (it is numbered), in color, 20 pages, from 1954. It is written in Russian, so I do not know what it says. It was part of my grandmothers possessions when she died. She was of Russian descent. I showed it to my mother, who spoke Russian, but did not read it, she said it was a propaganda magazine showing the happy, industrial, thriving people of Russia. The cover is of 6 young adults, boys and girls, gathered together with an easel beside them and one of the boys is playing the accordian while the others look on smiling,
    I believe the title is: COBETCHNN COIO3 (then a small hammer a sickle logo).
    I do not want to throw it away, Would you know of this publication or have interest an enlightening me about it.
    Cathy Bachand


    • Dmitry Feofanov says:

      Cathy, its title is “USSR”, it probably is a propaganda magazine published by the commies in exchange for Americans publishing “America” for distribution in the Soviet Union (except it was not distributed). 🙂 I would keep it, it’s a rarity.


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