WESLINE 2015 Conference, British Library, 7 September 2015

Booking for the 2015 WESLINE conference, which takes place at the British Library in London on 7 September 2015, is now open!

The conference provisional programme is available for viewing, and there is a link to the registration form for downloading, on the WESLINE website here: http://wesline.senatehouselibrary.ac.uk/announcements/wesline-conference-2015/.

Please note that in order to ensure that we can make the necessary catering arrangements/bookings for the tour of the Newsroom, the deadline for receiving completed registration forms is Friday 21 August 2015.

(Kate Williams has kindly provided an update on the panel session that she is organising: you will find  the updated information at the foot of this message)

Update to Conference Programme:

13.45-15.15: As Libraries change… the way forward for languages librarianship?’’

(Chair: Kate Williams, University of Warwick)

Jane Harvell (University of Sussex), Rachel Kirkwood (University of Manchester), Teresa Elmes and Graeme Lockheart (King’s College London),  Maureen Pinder (University of Bradford).

A panel of UK librarians will present their current institutions and roles, with a focus on institutions that have moved either wholly or partly from subject-based to function-based teams. They will lead a discussion with conference delegates, and consider how best the WESLINE groups can provide support for people in the subject aspects of their roles

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