COSEELIS 2015 conference report

Recently I had the good fortune to attend the COSEELIS 2015 conference on a bursary – thank you again to the deciding committee and to Eastview!

While I can’t say that I was exactly undecided about my library career before attending, I still left the conference even more sure of myself and even more excited.

While being a library assistant at the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library has been an invaluable learning experience, there are still aspects of library work that I have not had that much exposure to.

It was fascinating to hear about the very different projects happening at libraries around the UK and around the world. In fact, some work spans the world even in content – making it particularly fascinating to hear from Patricia Polansky at the University of Hawaii at Manoa about her work on a bibliography of Russian publishing in Asia and Pacific Rim. Likewise, learning about Isabella Warren’s work with bibliographies at the Scott Polar Research Institute was an insight into the importance of such tools for some library users. I’ve always loved a good mystery, and discussions of provenance tapped right into that. This was especially the case when Claudia Ricci talked about the Esenin manuscript at the London Library – something I had been looking forward to as a longtime fan of his poetry.

During Mel Bach’s talk on changes to the Slavic Cataloguing Manual, I at one point found myself fervently nodding along in agreement. I was days away from submitting a piece of coursework that dealt with the exact Slavic classification issue mentioned, and it was heartening to see the intersection between the conference, my work, and my studies.

For someone at an early stage in their career, attending the conference was an invaluable experience – as well as an interesting one! Thank you again to everyone that made my attendance possible.

Agniya Dremach

Library Assistant

UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library

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