Olga Freidenberg’s online archive

Olga Mikhailovna Freidenberg (Boris Pasternak’s cousin) was a Russian and Soviet classical philologist, one of the pioneers of cultural studies in Russia. Many of her works were not published in her life-time and still remain unpublished. Her unique archive (in private hands)  contains her unpublished works, memoirs, letters, private papers, photographs, etc.  This online archive aims to preserve and publish her works and private papers as well as contribute to the research of her legacy.


Wikipedia CC
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1 Response to Olga Freidenberg’s online archive

  1. Olga Mikhailovna Freidenberg was a scholar of genius, knowledge and profound thought. Her legacy is still waiting to be deciphered.
    I was, in my salad years, her (post-mortem) acolyte. She is a life-time inspiration. She spoke of the roots of semantic contents and genetic code of metaphorical transformations of familiar images in literary genres..


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