COSEELIS conference 2016

Dear colleagues,

This year, we are planning the conference in London on 4-5th July.

We are now in conversation with our colleagues from other foreign languages and area studies subject groups, as we are planning to have the first day as a joint conference. I know that many of you are also responsible for more than just Slavonic areas, so I hope this might be of interest. In July 2016, the exhibition ‘20th century through Maps’ (working title) will be on display in the British Library, so we think that we would be able to organise exhibition tours for our delegates. The themes and topics that might be discussed on the first day are:
collection promotion;
comparative ebook situation;
curating minor languages for non-specialists;
special projects (e.g. digitisation of the Zweig manuscripts collection at the BL; some of the manuscripts are Slavonic, btw!)

The second day will be COSEELIS only (held at SSEES, UCL) with AGM, a research paper from one of the academics working in Slavonic and East European Studies, and vendors’ presentations.

We hope that you might be interested to offer your presentations and ideas. They can either be related to one of the themes or not (in which case we will see how best to accommodate it on the first or second day). We also think that it might be a good opportunity for our vendors to learn more about the slightly wider environment in which we are having increasingly more and more problems and themes to share with our colleagues from other language areas.

As costs are concerned, we will only deal with registration costs to cover hospitality provided during the conference (not confirmed, but should be ca £50-60), but the first night dinner and accommodation will not be included in the fee and paid by participants as they go. London offers such a diverse choice of accommodation (including staying with friends) that everyone would be able to fairly easily find suitable accommodation from £60 p/p p/n. We will recommend some places in the area near the BL and SSEES, but we have realised that group booking would turn out more expensive than bookings arranged individually. I hope this is OK. For dinner we will book a restaurant and pay as we go.

Please feel free to ask further questions. Hope to see you in London.

Katya Rogatchevskaia

On behalf of the COSEELIS Committee

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