A Big Thank You


We would like to say a big thank you to all who organised and helped to run the COSEELIS conference:

Magda Szkuta, Ildi Wollner and Olga Kerziouk for

registering delegates and liaising with Claudia Ricci, the COSEELIS treasure

filling in delegates’ packs;

registering delegates on the first day and taking cash payments;

sorting out late registration and payments

Susan Halstead for

for the cake and gingerbread St Basil’s

Antje Brauer-Maxaeia for 

liaising with caterers and placing the catering order;

unwrapping it all while keeping the labels with it; clearing it all up after we had gone so the caterers could collect the debris;

getting emergency cold drinking water first thing from the kitchen next door when we realised it was going to be so hot;

liaising with IT support about equipment;

receiving the presentations the day before and getting them on the laptop;

taking laptop and projector down and returning them to the office where they live;

liaising with SSEES Director’s Office about use of the common room (nice and cool on the day!), and moving furniture, borrowing a few extra chairs from the JCR and putting them back;

coming in early on the day to check on the room before delegates arrived;

drawing up signs and putting them up the day before, and taking them down afterwards;

running down to the Library to tell the staff to make arrangements about bags, which was overlooked earlier

Agniya Dremach for

helping Antje on the day, especially with moving furniture and clearing up afterwards;

setting up guest wifi accounts;

checking that there was drinking water and topping it up when it ran out

Terry Cummins for

Setting up laptop, projector and screen and staying in the room to deal with any IT problems

Zuzana Pincikova for

Leading the tour of the exhibition in Waterstones

Wojciech Janik for

Arranging the student panel

Lesley Pittman for

generally overseeing things;

trying to predict what we needed;

leading the tour of the SSEES Library

Huge thanks to all our speakers for their thoughtful and inspiring presentations!


Many thanks to our guests and vendors for attending our conference and giving us updates on their businesses.

East View and CEEOL for their generous sponsorship

Special thanks go to those who was taking pictures and reporting the event on social media.

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