Tito in Africa – the photographs one can see in Oxford



The exhibition presents a selection of photographs showing Marshal Josip Broz Tito taken during official visits to various African countries in the post-war period.  The Yugoslav leader visited the continent regularly from the 1950s to further diplomatic relations and establish bilateral trade deals and to foster support for Yugoslavia’s regime during a time of political entrenchment in Europe but considerable change in Africa.  Recording a perspective on the Cold War little known or acknowledged in the West , the photographs highlight Tito’s meetings with African leaders and his interaction with the people and cultures of these countries as well as showing moments of leisure, especially during major tours of 1961 and 1970.

This paragraph is taken from the leaflet — Philip Grover (Assistant curator, Film and Manuscript Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum) was working closely with colleagues at the Museum of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, to develop the exhibition.  The two videos here  and here  are quite interesting and really bring the material vividly to life; both can be accessed from the main Tito in Africa: Picturing Solidarity exhibition web page .

Nick Hearn (French and Slavonic  Subject Specialist), Taylor Institution Library, Oxford


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One Response to Tito in Africa – the photographs one can see in Oxford

  1. bibliofilka says:

    Closer to home, Tito visited Cambridge University Library in 1953! The following British Pathe video shows him there, from about 06:10 in the video. https://www.britishpathe.com/video/tito-visits-england


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