Libraries helping Ukraine

Images from the Ukrainian Library Association’s photo library, celebrating a 2021 initiative to give books as presents.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, library and archive professionals around the world have been reaching out to their Ukrainian counterparts to help them and thinking of ways to help make sure that information about the war is preserved. This page (which is regularly updated) tries to capture various initiatives. Please use the discussion function at the bottom of this page to suggest others to add.

Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO)
An initiative from the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage in Vienna to gather “links to the digital collections of Ukrainian museums, libraries, archives and any other cultural institution which has digitised cultural heritage”. SUCHO now includes the work started by the US Music Library Association and the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies to rescue cultural heritage collection data and sites in early March.

UK Web Archive (
[based on a British Library email from 3 March 2022]
Two collections have been set up to collect UK content about the Ukraine crisis:
[1] provisionally titled “Ukraine 2022”, currently includes c.130 sites including statements by eg Russian oligarchs in the UK, commentators, charities, think tanks, the UK Embassies of Ukraine and surrounding nations.
[2] Scottish Community and the War in Ukraine.
The first can be added to by trained UKWA account-holders but note: all the major online news publications are crawled on a daily basis so there’s no need to add individual news articles (as this tends to swamp the collections). For the second, please consult National Library of Scotland UKWA specialists before adding.

Archive-It Russia’s war on Ukraine collection
A web archiving project on the war on Ukraine similar to the Ukraine Conflict 2014 collection. Contact the Harvard librarian who is coordinating this collection with suggestions.

UC Berkeley Library web archiving project
UC Berkeley have launched “a web archiving project that encompasses the Ukraine War from multiple viewpoints … [as] a continuation of our Crimean Crisis Web Archive” [from a 28/2/22 email to the US Slavlib list]. Please contact Berkeley’s Slavic and East European Studies specialist if you would like to join in.

Here is an article in Vice about the preservation of Ukrainian websites.

Bodleian Libraries Web Archive (BLWA) Ukraine project
“The Bodleian Libraries Web Archive (BLWA) needs your help to document what is happening in Ukraine and the surrounding region. Much of the information about Ukraine being added to the web right now will be ephemeral, and especially information from individuals about their experiences, and those of the people around them. Action is needed to ensure we preserve some of these contemporary insights for future reflection. We hope to archive a range of different content, including social media, and to start forming a resource which can join with other collections being developed elsewhere” [from]

Belarusian Politics and Society web archive
The Belarusian Library in London has partnered with the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation for developing the Belarusian Politics and Society web archive. The currently archived content is dominated by the war in Ukraine and the Belarusian participation in (the government) or opposition to it (pro-democracy civic society & diaspora). See:

Financial donations to help individual librarians outside work
The Ukrainian Library Association and Zhyva suchasna biblioteka – BF Bibliotechna kraina have announced a new scheme through which they pass financial donations on to Ukrainian librarians in need of support for basics like clothing and food. You can find out more here on the ULA Facebook page.

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