Newsletter No 13 (May 1996)

ISSN 0966 999X No. 13 May 1996




Please note that from the next issue the editorship of this Newsletter will change. Any correspondence associated with the Newsletter including contributions to future issues should no longer be addressed to me but to the new Editor: Oliver Hughes. Slavonic and East European Collections, British Library. Great Russell Street. London WC1B 3DG. Telephone: 0171-12 7589. Ernail:
Ursula Phillips.


The 1996 Annual Conference and AGM will take place at the Department of Information and Library Studies. Loughborough University. on 11 12 September. For UK members a letter of initiation. provisional programme and registration form are enclosed with this Newsletter. Any foreign recipients of the Newsletter requiring further information may obtain the enclosures from the Conference Organizers. Graham Matthews and Inese A. Smith. Department of Information and Library Studies. Loughborough University. Loughborough. Leicestershire LE11 3TU. Telephone: +44 (0)1509 223065 (G. Matthews)/+44 (0)1509 223063 (I.A. Smith). Fax: + 44 (0)1509 223053.
Email: /


COSEELIS Chair Chris Thomas was invited to attend a meeting of the HEFCE Advisory Group in Former Soviet and East European Studies. in order to discuss how COSEELIS might assist in their work on allocation of funding for archives materials. and is waiting for written confirmation of what was decided at the meeting. It is hoped to give a fuller report in the next Newsletter.


At the last COSEELIS Committee meeting in March. we discussed the possibility of circulating to all members a full list of personal and corporate members. We all agreed that access to the lists would probably be useful for members, but decided that we should canvas all members as to whether they would be happy for details such as addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses to be made available to other members.

One option would be to circulate only the details of corporate members, including institutional addresses. telephone numbers and email addresses. Circulating the list of personal members might be less acceptable since the addresses and telephone numbers are likely to be private. We could opt to circulate only the details of those personal members who requested it. in which case it might be useful if they supplied a short resume of their interest in the Slavonic and East European library and information field. I would appreciate as many responses as possible to this suggestion.
Janet Zmrorzek.

Please send comments by post. fax or email to: Janet Zmroczek. Treasurer. COSEELIS. Slavonic and East European Collections. British Library. Great Russell Street. London WC1B 3DG. Fax:0171 412 7554. Email:


This is to announce the new COSEELIS ernail list. It is a closed list which is open only to approved applicants (i.e. COSEELIS members with access to email). As with other lists, the future content and shape of the list will be determined by its users. As explained in the Welcome message which is received on admittance, the list is an ernail forum devoted to the discussion of issues affecting Slavonic and East European Librarianship in the UK. The list is intended to facilitate the exchange of information and views on library-related activities, and it is hoped that addressing day-to-day issues such as cataloging queries and the exchange of duplicates will become a function of the group. In this respect. the COSEELIS list will mirror its American counterpart, the “Slavlibs” forum for Slavic librarians. Although still at an experimental stage, the list is up and running and can be joined using the instructions set out below.

To subscribe to the group, send to this address: majordomo@lists a single line of text saying:

subscribe coseelis

When your application has been approved b, the listowner (that is myself: Oliver Hughes), you will receive a welcome message providing instructions on how to use the list.

After you have subscribed successfully. to send messages to the list (i.e. to all those who are members of the list). send mail to this address:

If you should want to remove yourself from this mailing list. you can send mail to maiordomo@lists” with the following command in the body of your email message:

unsubscribe coseelis (‘our name)

If anyone would like to know more about the list or has any suggestions as to how the group should evolve, they can mail me at the address given below. or subscribe to the list and share their observations with other list members. I will do my best to answer them.

Oliver Hughes. (list owner)
The British Library.


Members are reminded once again of the existence of the Hospitality Fund for visitors from Eastern Europe and are encouraged to apply for grants from the Fund for visitors who fit the criteria laid out below. The Fund was formed from money remaining from the British Council grant for the Russian librarians’ visit 1992 and still stands at £385.96.

Applications should in the first instance be made to the Treasurer. Janet Zmroczek, who will seek the approval of either the Secretary or the Chairman in the event of any applications which do not strictly fall within the formal criteria


The Fund should be available for individuals. not groups. with the exception that individuals with full funding from organizations such as the British Council or the British Academy, or with a formal invitation and full funding from another UK organization would not be eligible.

Examples of suitable applications

1 To pay for a night’s bed and breakfast and a rail ticket for a visitor who has funding for a visit to Oxford but would like to visit Leeds.

2 To provide lunch for two visiting librarians who came to London for the day but have funding only to attend a conference in Birmingham

Upper limit

An upper limit of £50 75 has been set but in exceptional circumstances the Chair and Secretary could approve more

Maintenance of fund

The Fund has not been used at all during the past two years. but if in future it were used more. we might consider a small increase in subscription fees to augment the fund

Any enquiries should be directed to Janet Zmroczek. COSEELIS Treasurer. Slavonic and East European Collections. British Library, Great Russell Street. London WC1B 3DG Telephone 071-412-7586 Email: janet zmroczek@bl uk


Announcement and call for papers

The National Library of Latvia is organizing an international conference entitled: Libraries, Publishing and Ideology During the Second World War. This will be held in Riga. 8-12 October 1996 The official languages of the conference will be Latvia English and German

During the six years of the War. millions of people lost their lives. state borders were violently changed. countries were split and nations subjugated, material and intellectual valuables destroyed Despite all the research and publications relating to the War. there are still many blank pages with regard to the War in Eastern Europe. Very little research for example. has been carried out on publishing, the book trade and library activities during this period The aim of the conference. therefore, is to investigate the following areas:

– the course of events and the impact of ideological statements

– the publication and distribution of books. their censorship and destruction. the fate of books taken as war boon.

– library activities lists of undesirable as well as of recommended books. the fate of national military literature. the fate of Jewish and other suspect publications

– librarians and publishers under the pressure of war recollections

The National Library of Latvia invites you to participate in the conference. present a paper, or share reminiscences on the above and related topics. If you wish to take part please contact Anna Maulina as soon as possible at the address below giving your name, institution, position, degree(s) and title, your work and home addresses (giving telephone. fax and email), your intended dates of arrival and departure, the title and language of your paper. and an abstract of your paper (not to exceed 400 words) The anticipated registration fee is 250 USD Hotel costs (in the centre of Riga) are from 49 USD per night, hostel costs from 7 USD per night

Anna Maulina. Research Department. National Library of Latvia. R Vagnera iela 4. Riga, LV 1050. Latvia Telephone:(371)7210064 or 7225582 Fax (371)7280851 Email
Responses were originally requested before Ist May. It had been intended to publish the Newsletter a little earlier. .Many apologies, Ed.


For those who are not yet aware. I thought I should mention (without being too alarmist!) the recent change in attitude in Russia towards 1) access to Russian archives for western scholars, and 2) the operations of western distributors of newspapers and journals, such as East View, Norman Ross and the Russian Press Service

1) Archives. A major disappointing sign has been the cancellation of the Chadwyck Healey/Hoover Institution microfilming project Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State. It is not vet clear whether the project is well and truly dead. or whether the terms may be renegociated with better payments to the Russian side It is also not clear to what extent this move has been determined by the changed political climate, the increase in xenophobic rhetoric and the possible election of Gennadii Ziuganov in June. or to what extent the reason is financial The COSEELIS Committee discussed the matter at their meeting on 12th March and the further point was made that Russian scholars. especially those of the old school. are resentful at the relatively easy access western scholars now have to archives and documents. to which they themselves were also denied access until very recently

There was an article summarising the new difficulties over access to archives in The Economist of 2nd March ‘The Battle for the Moscow Archives’ pp 98 99 There was also some discussion on Slavlibs at about this time Especially frustrated was the author of an article published in the Chicago Tribune of 1lth March

2) Distributors. Meanwhile. and probably for similar reasons, western commercial distribution agencies have come under fire from supporters of Mezbdunarodnaia kniga in what appears to be an attempt to reestablish Mezhkniga as the chief or only distributor of newspapers and other printed materials for the western market God forbid we shall have to deal again with a lumbering. inefficient state monopoly and their appointed agents abroad! See the article by Olga Gerasimenko in Komsomol ‘skaia Pravda of 21st February’ I have been assured meanwhile by East View. that they do not envisage at the moment that such pressure will result in even greater increases in newspapers subscriptions than those already determined by other factors in the Russian market (inflation, soaring postal charges)


COSEELIS. Views expressed in this Newsletter are not necessarily those of COSEELIS.

Editor (to May 1996): Ursula Phillips. School of Slavonic and East European Studies. University of London. Senate House. Malet Street London WCIE 7HU. Tel: 071 637 4934 x 4018 Fax: 071 436¬8916
For details of new Editor, please see Page 1

Department of Information and Library Studies
Loughhorough University Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 3TU UK
Switchboard: +44 (0)]509 263]71 Department: +44 (0)1509 723052

15 May 1996

Dear Colleague


Direct Line: +44 (0)1509 223065 (G. Matthews)
+44 (0)1509 223063 (I.A. Smith)
Fax: +44 (0)1S09 223053

15 May 1996

We are writing to invite you to the 1996 Annual Conference of the Council for Slavonic and East European Library and Information Services (COSEELIS) to be held on 11-12 September at the Department of Information and Library Studies, Loughborough University, with accommodation in nearby Faraday Hall, in single study-bedrooms with wash-basin, and shared bathroom and w.c. Tea/coffee-making facilities are provided in each bedroom.

Enclosed are a provisional programme and registration form. Please note that all bookings and fees must be received by 26 July 1996. If your Institution is going to pay directly on your behalf (rather than reimburse you for a personal cheque), please send a photocopy of your completed registration form and a note of the date on which you submitted it to your Finance Department. This will enable us to account for any cheques which arrive without accompanying forms, as sometimes happens.

Further information (including a receipt and maps) will be sent to conference participants in August.

We look forward to welcoming you to Loughborough.

Yours sincerely

Graham Matthews / Inese A. Smith
Conference organisers


Loughborough University, 11 12 September 1996


Full Name: Title:



Telephone: E mail:

I wish to attend the 1996 Annual Conference and enclose a total of £ …………
for (please tick):

 Full board and accommodation (one night) from lunch on Wednesday to lunch on
Thursday inclusive = £69 (non members £89)

 Meals only (excluding breakfast) for same period = £40 (non members £50)

 Additional night’s accommodation (Tuesday, 10 September) with breakfast = £25

Please state any special dietary or other requirements:

Signature: ……………………………………………………… Date: ……………………………………………………..

Full payment should accompany all bookings. Please make cheques (drawn on a British bank and in sterling) payable to the COSEELIS. All bookings should reach the organisers at the address below by 26 July 1996. Cancelled bookings will attract cancellation fees.

Please return this form and payment to the organisers:

Graham Matthews / Inese A. Smith
Department of Information and Library Studies
Loughborough University
Leicestershire LE11 BTU

Graham Matthew’s  01509 223065 fax: 01509 223053 e mail: uk
Inese A Smith  01509 223063 fax: 01509 223053 e mail:


Loughborough University, 11 12 September 1996


Wednesday 11 September

l100 onwards Registration

1300 Lunch (buffet)

1410 Welcome and opening

1415 Fighting back: the Glasgow response to diminishing resources
Tania Konn (CEEBIS, Glasgow University Library)

1445 Acquisitions forum: an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions
Chair: Dr Gregory Walker (Bodleian Library)

1530 Tea

1600 COSEELIS Annual General Meeting

1900 Conference dinner (waitress service)

2130 Bar open in nearby Edward Herbert Building

Thursday 12 September

0800 0845 Breakfast

0900 The Internet use and opportunities
Graham Dix (Centre for Russian and East European Studies Library, University of Birmingham)

followed by

Internet forum exchange of experience and views
Chair: Kathleen Ladizesky (British Library Document Supply Centre)

1030 Coffee

1100 Report from the Front. Libraries and research: one academic’s experience
Dr Wendy Rosslyn (Dept of Slavonic Studies, University of Nottingham)

1145 Library schools research on the FSU and Eastern Europe: activities and
Graham Matthews and Inese A Smith (Dept of Information and Library Studies, Loughborough University

1230 1245 Close of conference
Dr Christine Thomas (Chair, COSEELIS)

1300 Lunch (buffet)


All meals will be in the Dining Room, Faraday Hall. (A bar is available in the nearby Edward Herbert Building.) All other sessions (including tea/coffee breaks) will be held in the Dept of Information and Library studies, a short walk from Faraday Hall.

Graham ,Matthews  01509 223065 e mail: g
Inese A. Smith  01509 223063 e mail:

15 May 1996