Newsletter No 3 (April 1993)

ISSN 0966‑999X No. 3 April 1993




COSEELIS has received information about plans for the librarians’ contributions to the World Congress of Slavists to be held in Warsaw in 1995. This information has been provided by Dr Horst von Chmielewski of the Johann-Gottfried-Herder-Institut (Marburg/Lahn). The main reason for producing this current Newsletter so quickly in the wake of the last is that we need to react fairly swiftly to suggestions for librarians’ contributions already put forward, especially as these will be discussed soon at two international meetings of librarians: i) in Warsaw, May 1993 and ii) in The Hague, June 1993.

Suggestions so far are being coordinated by Dr Wojciech Zalewski who has been nominated by the AAASSS Librarians as their contact person. Programme ideas fall into two categories: i) panels for the main congress, and ii) sessions for a possible pre-conference (not necessarily in Warsaw) along the lines of the Cambridge conference which took place before the Harrogate congress in 1990.

i) Suggestions for panels:

1. Displaced collections: books, archives, art objects, as a result of World War Two
2. National bibliographies, sharing data
3. Computerised subject bibliographies
4. Artistic books – their cultural mission
5. Impact of books beyond national and cultural borders

ii) Suggestions for the possible pre-conference:

1. Preservation
2. Access: physical and bibliographic to resources
3. Library support for publication of expensive sets, eg documents, sources, parliamentary proceedings, etc (ie categories of materials whose publication depends heavily on the library market
4. Book exchanges
5. Workshop for bookdealers (especially newer firms), where library needs, procedures, blanket orders, invoicing, advertising etc
6. Bibliographic control of former non-official publications
7. Subject bibliographies including the European Bibliography and ABSEES

Dr Chmielewski is keen to receive reactions to these and/or new ideas so that they might be discussed at the following two conferences coming up shortly. It would also be very useful if some members of COSEELIS could attend one or other of them:

i) May 1993 (probably 17th-19th, exact date not known at time of going to press). Meeting of Polish librarians in Warsaw with Dr Chmielewski and Dr Zalewski. This will be dedicated exclusively to discussing the participation of librarians at the Congress and at the possible pre-conference. The presence of colleagues from other countries would be welcome. The date has been chosen to enable participation in the Warsaw Book Fair. Anyone interested in attending this conference should contact Dr Horst von Chmielewski, Johann-Gottfried-Herder-Institut, Gisonenweg 5-7, 3550 Marburg-an-der-Lahn. Tel: 06421/184150. Fax 06421/184139.

ii) 7th-10th June 1993. ABDOS [Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Bibliotheken und Dokumentationsstellen der Ost-, Ostmittel- und Sudosteuropaforschung] Conference in The Hague. Dr Chmielewski will report on the results of the Warsaw conference. Information about the ABDOS conference, including the programme of sessions, can be found in the latest number of ‘Mitteilungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft… (ABDOS)’, 1993, no.1. Anyone wishing to attend the conference should contact Dr Franz Görner, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Osteuropaabteilung, Potsdamer Str 33, D-W 1000 Berlin 33. Tel: 030/266-2429. Comments and suggestions from COSEELIS should be sent to Tania Konn, Glasgow University Library, Hillhead Street, Glasgow G12 8QE. Tel: 041-339-8855 ext 6735. Fax: 041‑357‑5043.


This year’s conference is being organised by Charlotte Sing of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester and will be held at Langley Hall, University of Manchester on 23 and 24 September. More details and a provisional programme will be circulated at the end of April. Charlotte may be contacted at John Rylands University Library of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PP. Tel: 061-275-3726. Fax: 061 272 7488.

It is hoped that the Annual Conference 1994 will take place in Belfast.


At the COSEELIS Committee Meeting on 16 March we discussed the continuing problems of acquiring materials from the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It remains extremely difficult to find out i) what is being published and ii) how to acquire and pay for material. We decided it might be a good idea to use this Newsletter to publicise any useful new booksellers or distribution agencies, which have proved to be effective. Names and addresses (plus telephone and fax if possible) of any such individuals or organisations should be sent to the Editor of this Newsletter along with a brief description of the type of material offered. Meanwhile, the Editor herself would like to recommend the following:

1. Onegin Books. SSEES Library has been using this service since November last year and has received several deliveries of books. Onegin Books offers a catalogue every 2‑3 months of Russian titles emanating not only from Moscow and St Petersburg but from other cities within the Russian Federation. Subjects covered include recent politics, economics, law, as well as history, literature, literary criticism and dictionaries. The books are supplied quickly and the prices are reasonable; prices are quoted in US dollars, DM and sterling. Most titles to date have been priced between £3.00 and £8.00. Dictionaries are more expensive at £12.50-£13.50. Onegin Books have also agreed to search for titles listed in Knizhnoe obozrenie but have not yet managed to supply any of our requests. Queries should be addressed to: Rita Nyqvist, Onegin Books, Siltasaarenkatu 15 D 97, 00530 Helsinki 53, Finland.

2. SSEES have recently also been using the Polish book supplier Maciej Wolinski, recommended by Janet Zmroczek in her article for the last Newsletter. So far our experience with his firm Lexicon has been good. In December last year the Editor visited his office in Warsaw and saw the range of his stock. He has many contacts throughout Poland and is therefore able to supply books published outside Warsaw as well as academic publications which have very short print runs. He produces a catalogue every few months, prices are very reasonable, he supplies orders quickly and has a bank account into which we can pay directly. Wolinski is also able to supply subscriptions to the invaluable new selection tool Notes Wydawniczy (also mentioned in Janet’s article).

Maciej Wolinski, Ksiegarnia Wysylkowa ‘Lexicon’, Skr poczt 957, 00-950 Warszawa, Poland. Tel: 49-98-38 or 22-70-37. Fax: 46-17-44.

3. Russian Press Service, 1805 Crain Street, Evanston, Illinois, IL 60202, USA. SSEES has received their very useful lists from which we have selected material and received a fast response. So far we have only sent one batch of orders so it is rather difficult to judge them on the basis of this. Does anyone else have more experience of them? Prices are rather higher than Onegin Books: we have been paying 10-16 US dollars for paperbacks.

4. Zwemmer Russian Centre. We have been discussing with Zwemmers the possibility of their supplying us with Russian books after receiving advertising material about their new Russian Centre. They have opened a branch in Moscow called Zwemmer Moscow which claims to be ‘the first, and so far, the only English bookshop in Russia’. They also intend to supply books from other East European countries. Mrs Z Radosavljevic, who is the contact for East European books, responded positively to our request to search for specific titles chosen by us from Knizhnoe obozrenie. (None of the titles 1 ordered has yet materialised). Initial enquries should be directed to Philip Wilson, Chairman, Zwemmer Russian Centre, 28 Denmark Street, London WC2H 8NJ (Bookshop information: 071-379-7886 ext 231) or to Mrs Radosavljevic at 26 Litchfield Street.

In addition the Committee agreed it would be a good idea for anyone travelling to Eastern Europe, Russia or other countries of the former Soviet Union, to help colleagues in other libraries by relaying experiences or by buying material (where physically and financially possible). This could be done directly or through the medium of this Newsletter.


The British Library (Humanities & Social Sciences) is to acquire the POLSKIE ARCHIWUM BIOGRAFICZNY on microfiche published by K G Saur (Münich, 1992-95). The BL has recently received the first instalments which cover names beginning with A-G. It is a compilation of ca.230 biographical reference works dating from the 17th to the 20th centuries. At the time of writing the set is not yet catalogued so if anyone wants to use it or needs further information, please contact Janet Zmroczek, Slavonic and East European Collections, Humanities and Social Sciences, British Library, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG. Tel: 071-323-7586.


In Janet Zmroczek’s article on her visit to Poland in COSEELIS Newsletter no.2, January 1993, the name of the BUW librarian responsible for exchanges with the UK was given incorrectly. Her name is Maria Szelegiewicz, not Maria Sztaudynger.


i) The Library of Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, wishes to dispose of the following. Anyone interested should contact Susan Boyde or Mary Bone before the end of May on 071-957-5700. Fax: 071-957-5710.

1. For A Lasting Peace, For A People’s Democracy!
International Comiform Journal, Comiform Bucharest. (Weekly)
2. Newsletter From Behind The Iron Curtain; The Baltic Review occasionally News From Behind the Iron Curtain.
Estonian Information Centre, Stockholm or Estonian Council in Canada. (Irregular) 1950-58 nos 186-420 (incomplete)
3. [Various titles] (Irregular)
a) Information Service of Free Czechoslovakia
b) Reports From Behind The Iron Curtain, Information Service of Free Czechoslovakia
c) Features & News From Behind The Iron Curtain
London. April 1949-December 1960. Vol I, no.1 – Vol. XII, no.48.
4. Romania: Collection of Laws, Decrees, Rsolutions and Decisions
Translated by US & British delegations in Bucharest as supplements to their respective Press Reviews. 1952.
5. a) Yugoslav Bulletin (to October) later:
b) TANJUG, Yugoslav News Agency (October 1949 onwards). (Weekly)
London, Yugoslav News Agency Tanjug, 1949-1958.
6. Croatia Press: Review & News Bulletin (founded in 1947).
Rome, Cleveland (Ohio) and New York. September 1952-1960.

ii) SSEES Library wishes to dispose of the following newspapers of which we have duplicate issues. Any requests or queries should be directed to Ursula Phillips or Ann Smith by 30th June. Tel: 071-637-4934, ext. 4094 or 4018.

1. Rossiia, 1992. Nos. 10-38 (very few gaps)
2. Rossiiskaia gazeta, 1992 (very few gaps)
3. Nezavisimaia gazeta, 1992 (very few gaps)
4. Megapolis Express, nos 1-45 (very few gaps)
5. Kuranty, 1992, issues for 28-29 January, 15th February-29 September (some gaps), 4th November.


The Guide to libraries in Central and Eastern Europe, compiled by Maria Hughes (an information management specialist) for The British Library’s Science Reference and Information Service, covers 27 Central and East European countries and includes details on 235 libraries. Detailed indexes offer geographic and subject access. The Guide also contains specially commissioned maps. It can be ordered from The Publications Sales Unit, The Publications Sales Unit, The British Library, Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 8BQ. Tel: 0937-546077. The Guide costs £30.00. ISBN 0-7123-0795-8. Price includes UK postage. Overseas postage is charged extra, contact the Publications Sales Unit for further information.


Here are the e-mail addresses received so far. (I hope to organise this listing a bit better next time!)

Aspden, Lawrence. University of Sheffield Library. LB1LCA@UK.AC.SHEFFIELD.PRIMEA
Freeman, John. Library, SSEES. JFREEMAN@UK.AC.ULCC.CLUS1
Hudson, Grace. J B Priestly Library, University of Bradford. G.L.HUDSON@UK.AC.BRADFORD
Kidd, J University of St Andrews Library. LIBRARY@UK.AC.ST-AND
Konn, Tania. Glasgow University Library. LIBRARY@UK.AC.GLASGOW.VME
Phillips, Ursula. Library, SSEES. URSULAP@UK.AC.ULCC.CLUS1
Pitman, Lesley. Library, SSEES. L-PITMAN@uk.AC.ULCC.CLUS1
Reedy, Katharine, University of Westminster. REEDYK@UK.AC.WESTMINSTER
Scrivens, Ray. Cambridge University Library. RS@UK.AC.CAM.ULA
Sing, Charlotte. John Rylands University Library of Manchester. CRSING&UK.AC.MAN.LI.FSI
Walker, Gregory. Bodleian Library, Oxford. GPMW@UK.AC.OX.VAX

Editor U. Phillips, School of Slavonic and East European Studies. University of London, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU. Tel: 071-637-4934 ext 4094. Fax: 071‑436‑8916.

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