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Diaries online

Prozhito – is a new Russian online resource that collects and makes available personal published and unpublished diaries. The resource is crowd-source based and invites volunteers to help with publishing and editing.

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Olga Freidenberg’s online archive

Olga Mikhailovna Freidenberg (Boris Pasternak’s cousin) was a Russian and Soviet classical philologist, one of the pioneers of cultural studies in Russia. Many of her works were not published in her life-time and still remain unpublished. Her unique archive (in private … Continue reading

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Full-text academic books online

The Open University of Israel presents full-text academic books online on Jewish history, philosophy, sociology and other subjects. All materials are either originally written in Russian or translated from Hewbrew by professional translators and researches.

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Russian émigré newspapers and magazines

Librarium – is a collection of electronic versions of Russian émigré newspapers and magazines, a ‘site-archive of Russian émigré press’. It contains hundreds of rare illustrated periodicals produced during the interwar period. The central part of the site is occupied by … Continue reading

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Electronic Repository for Russian Historical Statistics

Electronic Repository for Russian Historical Statistics – is a new online resource  that brings together data extracted from various published and unpublished sources in one place. Its principal focus is Russian economic and social history of the last three centuries (18th-21st).

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