What we do

The most important function of COSEELIS is to represent the interests of UK libraries and other information organisations offering services in the field of Slavonic and East European studies. Group interests are furthered through publications, co-operative activities, collective representation, and the exchange of views and ideas at conferences.

Institutional and personal membership is open to interested parties within the terms laid out in section three of the Constitution.

At the end of 2018, Gregory Walker compiled a directory of all UK institutions and libraries that have expertise, research interests in, and teaching programmes, as well as information resources related to Central, East European and Slavonic Studies.

Libraries always appreciate and welcome donations. However, libraries would only accept material that their readers need. To help potential donors approach libraries with their offers and prepare their materials for offering we developed Book donations General guideline for donors – a document that focuses mainly on book donations in the field of Slavonic and East European Studies.