Member profiles

This page contains the contact details and areas of work and research of members of COSEELIS.  [Please note that e-mail addresses have been re-formatted to avoid spam; please copy the address and replace the central “>АТ<” element with the usual @ symbol.]

European Collections and Cataloguing
Cambridge University Library
West Road
Cambridge CB3 9DR
Tel: 01223 333081
Email: slavonic >АТ<
Professional responsibilities: Slavonic and East European Specialist; responsible for material in all Slavonic languages (chiefly Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian) and others (non-Slavic material from countries previously in the Eastern Bloc, plus Greek)
Personal/research interests: Russian detective fiction, Soviet nostalgia.

London School of Economics and Political Science
10 Portugal Street
London WC2A 2HD
Tel: 0207 955 7942
Fax: 0207 955 7454
Email: g.camfield >АТ<
Professional responsibilities: Collection Development Manager; collection development for FSU and Eastern Europe.
Personal/research interests: Life and work of Prince D. A. Khilkov, Tolstoyism, and Russian sectarianism.

DAVIES, Richard
Leeds Russian Archive
Brotherton Library
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
Tel: 0113 343 3289
Email: r.d.davies >АТ<
Professional responsibilities: Collection development, Leeds Russian Archive.
Personal/research interests: Russian history, literature, culture (C19th-C20th), Russian émigré culture (C20th), Russian émigré archives, Anglo-Russian relations and contacts (C19th-C20th).

GIBSON, Angelina
Slavonic and Eurasian subject consultant
Bodleian Libraries
University of Oxford
Tel: 01865 271937 (SSL)
Tel: 01865 270468 (TABS)
Email: angelina.gibson >АТ<
Professional responsibilities: Slavonic and Eurasian subject consultant for history, social sciences and geography (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Former Soviet Union, Eurasia, CIS, Bulgaria, general works on Central and Eastern Europe)
Personal/research interests: None given.

JANIK, Wojciech
Assistant Librarian, Area Specialist for the former Soviet Union and Poland
UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies
University College London
16 Taviton Street
London WC1H 0BW
Email.: w.janik >АТ<
Professional responsibilities: Area Specialist responsible for development of the Library’s collections on the countries of former Soviet Union and Poland
Personal/research interests: none given

PINDER, Maureen
Collections Officer
CDM Team
Edward Boyle Library
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT.
Tel: 0113 343 4985
Email: m.j.pinder >АТ<
Professional responsibilities: collection development and management across all disciplines.
Personal/research interests: background in French and German, personal interest in languages in general.

PITMAN, Lesley
Librarian and Director of Information Services
UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library
University College London
16 Taviton Street
London WC1H 0BW
Tel: 020 7679 8703
Email: l.pitman >АТ<
Professional responsibilities: Responsible for Library, Computing and audio-visual services at the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies
Personal/research interests: none given. 

RICCI, Claudia
The London Library
14 St James’s Square
London SW1Y 4LG
Tel: 020 7766 4737
Fax: 020 7766 4766
Email: claudia.ricci >АТ<
Professional responsibilities: collection development and acquisitions (Russian and Slavonic material), cataloguing, retrospective conversion with special responsibility for Slavonic and Eastern European materials, promotion of the Russian collections, user education, Treasurer of COSEELIS.
Personal/research interests: Charles Hagberg Wright and his Russian connections, including Leo Tolstoy; John F. Baddeley and his Caucasica collection; other London Library gems.​

European Collections
The British Library
96 Euston Road
London NW1 2DB
Tel: 020 7412 7587
Email: katya.rogatchevskaia >АТ<
European Studies blog:
Twitter: @BL_European
Professional responsibilities: Curator of Russian Collections, selecting monographs, serials, electronic resources and other materials published in the RF in other countries on subjects, such as Russian and Soviet Studies, Russian history and Slavonic Studies, maintaining and developing links with suppliers, cultural institutions and universities in the UK and abroad, dealing with enquiries, promoting the collections for the British HE and the general public via various engagement activities, and raising awareness of the collections at a national and international level by researching the collections, publishing, blogging and participating in conferences and public programmes
Personal/research interests: Medieval Russian literature, Émigré literature of the 1st wave, Russian émigré publications of the 19th century in the BL collection, History of the Russian collection at the BL, publishing and information policy in Russia.

WARREN, Isabella
Scott Polar Research Institute
Lensfield Rd
Cambridge CB2 1ER
Tel: 01223 336565
Email: imtw1 >АТ<
Professional responsibilities: Russian Bibliographer – responsible for the acquisition and analytical cataloguing of material relating to the Russian North (which includes publications relating to the Russian Federation south to 63 deg. in European Russia and to 57 deg. in Asia, including all of Kamchatka and Sakhalin) and also material in Russian relevant to the rest of Library’s scope. I also provide bibliographic and occasional linguistic support to scholars within the Institute, and also to a more limited extent to outside readership.
Personal/research interests: history of collection; music.

European Collections
The British Library
96 Euston Rd
London NW1 2DB
Tel: 0207 412 7586
Fax: 0207 412 7784
Email: janet.zmroczek >АТ<
Professional responsibilities: Head of European Collections; Large-scale digitisation projects; European library cooperation.
Personal/research interests: Polish émigré publishing in 19th century Britain; history of the BL Polish and Baltic collections; history and cultures of Central Asia.



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